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Air Hockey is a game to experience, not just for the entertainment, but for the competitive fun involved in it. While this game is inspiring, it also requires commitment to be good at it.

Making the decision to have an air Hockey game in your home can be very difficult. But in the end it worth it, especially if make the right choice. This air Hockey Reviews will enable you to understand the game of air hockey and how to get one installed in your home.

One thing most people often forget about air hockey is the fact that it is easy to play, yet hard to master. So, it takes research and constant reading of different air hockey reviews to understand how to effectively play the game of air hockey and make the best use of your table.

Oh! I forget to mention, the history of Air hockey is actually very intriguing. It started as an offshoot of ice hockey. However, the game has become very popular and it is played in different parts of the world including the United State.

Just like most other games, Air hockey is an exciting game that knows no restriction in age. In fact, it is played by both children and adult. If you have played this game before you will understand that it is fast paced, exciting and short. In fact, you basically need 7 goals to win in a game of hockey.

This air hockey review will provide you all the detail information you need to know about this game, why people play it and how to install one in your home

Why Does People Play Air Hockey?

There are several reasons why many people love playing the game of hockey. Some of these reasons are;

It Doesn’t Require Special Skill To Play

Unlike most games, the air hockey game doesn’t require special skill to play. With little guidance and observation, you can play this game perfectly like a pro.

Its Rules Are Every To Learn

Wait a minute, do you really think you need months to learn the rules of air hockey? Oh no! It is very easy and it only takes a few minutes to master the art of playing like a professional.

It Enables You To Relax After A Stressful Day

Did you know that air hockey can make you relax after a stressful day? It is a great way to relax with your friends and family after a stressful day or during weekends.

It Brings About Better Bonding With Friends And Family

When you play air hockey with your friends and family, you tend to create a better bond. Also, it gives you breakup from other worldly activities. To many passionate hockey players, it is simply a fun way to get peace of mind.

In this air hockey review, we have come up with the Do’s and the Don’ts of the game of hockey. Below are some of them;

Dos and Don’ts of Air Hockey

Buy an extra set of replacement pucks

When playing air hockey, you need to buy an extra set of replacement pucks. It gives you better chances to keep playing and having fun. With a few game pucks, you may lost the game too quickly.

Practice Frequently

It is a known fact that air hockey is simple to play. But it is also hard to master. Even though it is a social game, you tend to enjoy it better when you are an expert in it. There is no better way of becoming a professional in air hockey than practice frequently.

As a rule, you need to play at least 3 games with an opponent. This will give you a perfect understanding of the mechanics of the game. Also, you can practice for about 3 to 4 times a week for improved performance.

Be Calm and Don’t Play Rough

Being calm is a golden rule to apply when playing air hockey. Professional players are known for being calm, relaxed and collected when playing. So, try as much as possible to avoid rough playing during the match.

You should practice correct posture and don’t lean over the table during the entire match. Always look for balance and maintain a firm grip when holding your mallet.

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Air Hockey Table Regularly

It is not all about playing the game, you also need to maintain your air hockey table. Maintaining your table regularly will help to increase its lifespan.

It is recommended that you clean your table fortnightly. Most hockey tables don’t last due to lack of maintenance. Once in a while, you a cloth and sandpaper to keep the table smooth.

What Do You Need To Play Air Hockey

Indeed, air hockey is a very simple game. It doesn’t require sophisticated and fancy equipment. Below are the three things you need to play hockey.

#1. Table

#2. Pucks

#3. Mallet


Table is one of the most important things you need to play an air hockey game. Air hockey tables are different and the one you are buying depends on your preference and need.

Some of the most popular air hockey tables are; tabletop, regular, arcade style and multi games. To guide you properly, this air hockey review and buying guide has listed the factors to consider when buying an air hockey table. Some of these factors are;

Factors To Be Considered When Buying An Air Hockey Table

  • Size
  • Your initial budget
  • Your skill level
  • Power option (Check whether its a battery or plugin option)
  • Table surface/Thickness
  • Material ( Check whether the table is made of wood, metal or plastic)
  • Warranty ( Check the duration and warranty type that comes with the table)

Your choice of table and other equipment will go a long way to affect your passion for this game. This is why this air hockey review buying guide has provided you will all the information you need to play air hockey, get a reliable table and how to maintain it.

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